BattleBot is a rap engine which allows you to "spit" any line that comes to your mind after which it will respond to you with a selection of rhyming lines found among 0.5 million lines from existing rap songs. The engine is based on a slightly improved version of the Raplyzer algorithm and the eSpeak speech synthesizer.

You can try out BattleBot simply by hitting "Spit" or "Random". The latter will randomly pick a line among the whole database of lines and find the rhyming lines for that. The underlined part shows approximately the rhyming part of a result. To understand better, why it's considered as a rhyme, you can click on the result, see the phonetic transcriptions of your line and the result, and look for matching vowel sequences starting from the end.

The original algorithm was designed by Eric Malmi and the web programming done by Stephen Fenech. We'd be happy to receive any feedback which you can send to raplysaattori@gmail.com or post to Twitter under #Raplyzer.

The site was built with Angular, Foundation and Gulp on the client side, whilst the Apache Web Server and python were used on the server side.

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